The Lot

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Take an atmospheric journey in a fresh, critically acclaimed format of a hand-drawn point-and-click comic-book. When a freeloading owner of a blue Mustang drives through without paying for the ticket, Harry Hunter, freelance parking attendant, ventures inside the lot to Make. Him. Pay. (tm). Just like our other interactive comics, upon finishing the game you can print out your entire adventure path in the form of an actual 30-50 page comic book. In response to (very positive! :) ) player feedback on previous games, this adventure includes multiple paths, endings and side-quests spanning thousands of lines of dialog tightly packed in a 2 hour narrative.Gameplayevery interaction in the game world (such as talking, picking up items, using objects etc.) creates a new comic panel, furthering the storyhundreds of unique hand-drawn (and hand-scanned!) content rich panels for all the various combinationsimproved replay value with multiple endings, sidequests, achievements and many different ways to solve the game mysterieswhen the player ends the game, he is given the option to print out his gameplay in a comic book formata new game+ option with a developer commentary track when you finish the game
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