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Take control of Bun-Bun Poggers the adorable bunny rabbit in this classic retro arcade game where the goal is to cross a dangerous field of cobras and then cross a wide river by jumping on floating logs to get him home! Bun-Bun Poggers has the ability to collect carrot power-ups which can reverse the usual roles of predator and prey and give Bun-Bun the opportunity to score some massive bonus points! Get all six bunnies home, and the level will advance as well as the speed and challenge of the game! Rocks present obstacles in the game but can also be broken down with your Super Bunny power-up you'll obtain by eating carrots! Break a rock and not only will you help clear your path but also will have a chance to score silver and gold nuggets that can help you get an all time record high score! ...Are you ready to play Poggers with fast, super responsive controls and work your way up the Steam leaderboards to prove that you are the real "Pog Champ"?
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