Chernobyl 1986

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Check out other games the GameWhen temperature increase in the core of the reactor, the only thing you can do is not to lose your head and try to control the situation. Chernobyl 1986 is a decision-based game about one of the largest nuclear power plant disasters in history. Play as the manager of a nuclear power plant in a time of a serious crisis that can cost millions of lives.In the game Chernobyl 1986, your main task is to control the expanding effects of the nuclear reactor explosion. The game is inspired by real historical events and confronting you with dreadful stages of the crisis.Different missions require you to be able to make very quick decisions, allocate tasks appropriately and constantly monitor your people’s condition. Your failure may mean not only the death of several employees of the power plant but a significant increase in the radiation level and the annihilation of the next thousands.From the top of the power plant roof to the reactor hall - you will have to face dangerous challenges:- Reactor's fire,- panic,- the threat of another explosion,- the condition of your crew and fire brigade,- radiation level,- radioactive contamination,- the inexorable passage of time.Chernobyl 1986 has many types of missions with separate goals that you must do, to deal with this terrifying crisis:- extinguish the fire,- clean the area from radioactive graphite,- evacuate the power plant employees,-control the radiation level,- help the wounded.In the game Chernobyl 1986, you can follow the real events from the power plant almost minute by minute. Thanks to the high-quality graphics, difficult decisions and huge risks that you must take at every stage of the game - you will have a unique opportunity to test yourself as the manager of the power plant in the era of one of the world's biggest nuclear crises. The fate of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is now in your hands!
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