Herakles and the Princess of Troy

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DiscordAbout the GameA brutal platform game with an advanced speedrun system. Explore a story from Greek mythology as you rally an army to defy a tyrant. Hack and slash your way up the leaderboards and claim a world record! Herakles is a 2D action adventure platform game that completely destroys traditional concepts. Speed and skill is far more important than the weapon you wield. You can run up walls, ceilings; there is no limit to your agility! Leap over your enemies and take them by surprise! In Herakles and the Princess of Troy, YOU have the high ground!Key Features:Advanced Speedrun SystemExperience an epic 3000 year old story that will make you feel empowered after playing throughEngage in battle against mighty bosses with unique weapons. Defeat them and you can wield them yourself! Explore a map full of adventure!Go on the hunt to find buffs! Each one will give you a powerful advantage. Uncover secrets as you wander the lands. If you see an animal, follow it! It'll lead you to something good!Amazing soundtrack leaving you immersed in the game3 game modes: Demo, Classic and CampaignSpeedrun Mode: Race against your personal best 5 leaderboards to climb Automatically diverging routes. Go down a different path and the speedrun system will update to only compare to your runs that also went down that path Detailed timer information that displays: sum of best, best possible time, possible time save, segment best, segment PB, previous segment difference, live segment difference Main timer information that displays: main timer, segment names, PB cumulative time, difference between current cumulative time and PB cumulative time Speedrun results screen that compares your run to your personal best run, your best splits and much more. Speedrun Basics guide that explains what all of the numbers and terms mean in the speedrun mode and results screen (see community guides) Option to compare against your own times, the developer's times or the world record. Option to display buff outlines to show which route your PB went down (Campaign mode only) Streaming Guide that provides assets, such as webcam portrait and an input overlay (see community guides) 3 game modes to speedrun that vary in length. The shortest game mode is great for beginners. Robust anticheat system Attempts are pruned to keep the file size down to mere kilobytes Every attempt is stored but they are safe to delete as the game only needs your pruned attempts file Great game to get into speedrunning
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