Frame Of Reference

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Story: You wake up inside a computer simulation with no memory of your past. A computer voice talks to you and gives you instructions. She tells you that you were found in a coma. The simulation is designed to revive you. Who are you? How did you get here? Can you survive the simulation? What is this machine that is trying to revive you? Why is it trying to revive you? All you know is that you have to place the blocks on the correct pad to get to the next simulation. What is this game: This game is a puzzle game based on the forced perspective mechanic. How to play: Forced Perspective is when objects maintain their size in your field of view. Depending on the obstacles behind the object, you can resize it by moving forward or backward. This is a puzzle game. Update 1: We looking at a March 1, 2020 update. The game will have the current version as 'Classic Mode'. We are introducing a 'Sci-Fi' mode that fits more the theme of the simulation. We are also adding in more levels of play.
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