The PIT: Broken Bones

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The Pit : Broken Bones is a turn-based tactical game set in dark fantasy.You will manage the guild of gladiators, fight battles for life and death.- Develop your guild to increase its effectiveness and greatly help your gladiator in future arena battles. - The Forge and Wizard Shop provide a wide range of new items and magical improvements. - The trader will provide a steady supply of new warriors and exotic beasts to die in glory on the arena. - New slaves may have hidden advantages and disadvantages, that may be also acquired during the game. - Train every gladiator in any direction that best suits his predispositions. - Various amount of weapons and armors- Items can be enchanted - Artifacts and Rare items - Interactive traps provide an ever-changing battlefield - Fight on several different arenas. Be careful, if your gladiator dies, he will be lost forever.- Radomised items during the battle can help you win - Strategic planning will give even the weakest of gladiators a chance in skirmishes. - Take part in events that completely can change the rules of the fight. Train, Fight, Win!
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