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DescriptionIn PULSOR you control a ship that rotates clock wise and anti clockwise around a black hole, you can also move forward and backwards. Over the course of the game you will find yourself dodging more and more obstacles spat out from the spinning void at the centre of the map. But be careful, asteroids from the corners of space will make your life hard. Use the backwards turret to shoot asteroids and the forward gun to shoot black hole debris.PULSOR, although simplistic, you may find is quite addictive, once you get the hang of the rotation controls you will be chasing that next high score in no time.Game PlayWASD/Arrow Keys to moveSpace to shootCollect HP and Gold to spend in storeBeat your old point/time High Score !Dev's NotesHey, my name is Dylan Robertson and PULSOR is my first release to hit Steam ! I have been working on this game for close to 9 months now and can finally say that it's nearly done ! I hope all of you will enjoy playing my little creation as much as I enjoyed making it.Thanks, and Have Fun !
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