Bunny Parking

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MORE FROM DILLYFRAMEhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1589410/Bunny_Factory/About the GameThe city, surrounded by the Great Carrot Wall, is only rumored about it. Some cars that dared to drive through it are stuck forever in the parking lot. And then the residents of the city come to the rescue - Bunnies.Play alone or with friends in cooperative mode, helping the car get out of the parking lot, remove badly parked cars which blocks your way. To move the car you will have to kick it.Become a great kicker savior!Entertainment:In the city, apart from you, the parking bunny, there also live other bunnies: bunny-gardeners, bunny-shamans.The task of gardeners is to protect the carrot fields, and the shamans - to support the portals of entry and exit with the help of carrots.Get carrots, donate it to the shaman and get a temporary buffExplore the environment to find more secrets.Play in the playground for fun together with your friend: football, trampoline, seasawFeatures: more than 300 levels bunny color customization cooperative mode up to 5 players
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