Malzbie's Pinball Collection - Time Flight

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The year is 2153. All countries in the world have united. Want and misery is eliminated, and all human beings are equal. However, there are still people striving for power! One of them is the ingenious Professor „von Malzbieburg” who succeeded in building a time machine. We have heard that he travelled back into the past where he is trying to provide certain dictators with modern technology, in order to give them an edge in war. That should be stopped, come what may, because otherwise he would squander all our achievements! Fortunately, we have succeeded in taking hold of the time machine, and we know which epochs he travelled to. Follow the professor and bring him back, before he can reach the dictators! - Clearly structured mission goals - 2 levels, 2 ramps and many ways for the ball to go - 3 to 5 multiballs at the same time! - Various extra balls possible
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