Are You A Wizard

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Are You A Wizard is a game about being a wannabe spell-caster in a labyrinth full of magic and monsters. Can you survive long enough to find powerful spells that will pave your path to victory? Or will you die tragically while experimenting with unknown magic, surrounded by hostile creatures? Will you really learn magic, or will you just try everything until you get lucky?Features:Procedural spell generation that makes spells with widely varying effects, targeting methods, strengths, and durations.Procedural spell name generation! Can you crack the code to figure out what your spells will do before you use them?Procedural level generation that can make anything from a maze of small rooms and snaking tunnels to one big room filled with obstacles.Upgrades along the way that can have huge effects on how you play.A fog of war system that lets you see everywhere you've been, but not what it looks like now or what may lurk there.Lots of pots and crates to smash!Walls that can be moved or destroyed with the right tools -- and who knows what you might find behind them!A variety of items that may help or hurt you along the way.Subtle turn-based play that lets you take as long as you want to make decisions, but doesn't bog you down with too much waiting.The unexpected is around every corner! Be prepared for hilarity or tragedy to strike at any moment!
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