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Enter the simulation and wage war between two factions. Carry out special operations, sneak into a military base, or experience large scale combat. Lead a Blue army and do what it takes to achieve victory. With many different ways to play, you can experience the simulation in different ways. Play through short deathmatches, or try to survive in the expansive survival mode with new free updates and content drops regularly.GameplayBlueGlow offers several different game modes and ways to play to fit your style. You can hop into the classic deathmatch with Red Vs Blue and fight in short close quarter battles. Alternatively, you can carry out one of the Operations and partake in longer, objective based missions or explore the capital city freely in Survival. There are many other game modes such as Ground War, with even more to come soon. New game modes and maps are added regularly with free updates and DLC.Year 2 EditionBlueGlow has officially wrapped up Year 1. The games first year helped shape it into what it is now, many free updates and content drops came that changed the game. Year 1 started off with a handful of new maps in the first few months and as the months progressed, new game modes were added. Ground War and the Operations mode came with some of the largest content drops since launch. After those, many free updates including the Graphics Update dropped. Year 2 has now begun and is dropping with the free Year 2 Pass. All players will have immediate access to both the Year 1 Pass alongside the new Year 2 Pass, containing all post launch content. Year 2 launches with a new free Operation, follow the Death Road leading into the military base and prepare for the next Operation, as well as many game changes and new maps to play on. Year 2 will bring more content than ever as we continue developing this game.
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