Soul Tech: Millennium Demo

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Inspired by the likes of MechWarrior, Armored Core, Pacific Rim, and more, Soul Tech: Millennium is a fast-paced action packed, story-driven, (none-turn base) 3D mecha - shooter with 2-player split-screen versus. The base BETA-DEMO includes 15 missions of the 50 to 55, 8 of the 40+ opponents you can face in the BATTLE GROUNDS, and all the base features of what is to be expected in the final release such as a sort of "email" system in the game that helps further drive the story and character development, all with voice overs. This is a BETA-DEMO so some levels are subject to polish and to be further "flushed out". Some character animation, special FX, UI, and other certain aesthetics are subject to polish. We welcome all feedback! You can also customize your Soul Tech's body parts and weapons color individually. With a nifty added detail to not just RGB values but how "battle worn" you look, to how, well, "polished and shiny" you are. You can also further enhance the stats most important to you with a stat modifier feature. Customization goes beyond your Soul Tech as you can, of course, key bind your controls to your liking - we take it, firing all those weapon won't always be so easy for everyone.
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