Trip Troupe [Mixer Stream Host App]

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It's Trip Troupe, a stellar RPG adventure built for Mixer Interactive! This is the host app for streamers who want to run live games on their Mixer channel.Just want to join a match and play? You can play for free right in your browser!Check out the Trip Troupe channel on Mixer every weekday from 2 to 6pm PST. The multiverse is in chaos. Invaders from distant realms are dimension hopping, looting and laying siege to peaceful worlds. Thankfully there's no shortage of heroes at The MIX, the premier interstellar nightclub for bounty hunters and dashing rogues.As a Guide, you can recruit a Troupe of four players from your Mixer chat and set off on an adventure! You'll tackle tactical turn-based combat, exciting events, and tough decisions at every turn on your way to challenge the boss.You and your Troupe will earn gold, XP, and rare loot drops along the way. Progress persists across different streams; bounty hunters can bring their character into any Trip Troupe stream on Mixer. Do your best to be an awesome Guide, and be ready to welcome new friends... you never know who might show up on your channel to play a game of Trip Troupe!If you're a Mixer streamer looking to host your own Trip Troupe games as a Guide, you're in the right place. Just download the Trip Troupe Mixer Stream App, run the game, and follow the prompts to link your Mixer account and get started.For troubleshooting, tips, and tricks, check out the Trip Troupe channel on Mixer and click the "Getting Started Guide".Trip Troupe is a work in progress in the open beta stage; we're sharing it early because we want YOU to help us make it awesome. Drop by our stream and say hi! We love to meet Mixer streamers and hear feedback, bug reports, and suggestions.
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