Fantasy Grounds - Pathfinder Playtest - The Rose Street Revenge (PFRPG2)

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Fantasy Grounds
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Pathfinder Playtest - The Rose Street RevengeA series of Pathfinder Society quests designed for 1st-level PCs.Less than a year has passed since the Fiendflesh Siege, in which Absalom fended off an invading coalition of demonflesh constructs and the living dead. The siege lord offered freedom to any slave in Absalom willing to aid in the city's defense, and since that grand manumission, the city's slave trade has practically disappeared. The Pathfinder Society is one of many organizations that opened its doors to Absalom's newest citizens. However, several of the ex-slaves have been turning up dead, in other cases disappearing entirely. The Society doesn't often investigate serial killings, but one of its newest recruits is the latest victim. It's time for a band of Pathfinders to follow the clues, uncover these crimes, and end this threat.The Rose Street Revengeis a series of four quests, each of which run about 40-60 minutes and highlight Pathfinder Second Edition rules. The series includes three quests that can be played in any order as well as a finale.Written by Leo Glass, Thurston Hillman, Joe Pasini, and Linda Zayas-Palmer.Note: The price of this product (converted from a free PDF), reflects the time and effort to convert and automate it as well as offset advertising and publishing costs.Converted by: Allen DodgeReleased on September 06, 2018. Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.6 and higher.Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the Pathfinder 2.0 ruleset.
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