Robot Female Hero 1

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On the Planet known as "Earth 2" in it's continent of Apann. Lives Serena Robo, a robot school girl who defends her Country with great pride and fan service. But when an army of evil robots starts coming out of "The MultiTower" Serena must find the source of the invasion and put a stop to it. Along the way she meets the FIRE robotic DJ, DJ TURN UP! And the Zombie school girl who like doesn't care, ZomBae. They'll also meet the gods of this world... A couple of teenagers who are the last survivors from Earth. With classic RPG elements, okay sprite art, 16 bit music, two endings, AND A STORY THAT GETS BETTER IN THE SEQUEL.. This is bound to be a fun stereotypical anime video game, right? In all seriousness old sports, this is not rEaLlY the best example of modern ROCKET TECH QUALITY! Our later projects show this. Yet in order to understand the lore in the series this game is somewhat required in order to know what the hells going on. Supports the following controllers(that we've tested): Xbox 360 Kiwitata Super Nintendo usb controller And that's all you need to know I guess...
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