Survive Together

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Survive Together is a 2D world simulator where players are thrown into the many perils of nature, and together overcome them to build a thriving empire.Core FeaturesBuilding - Players and NPCs will build up their homeland, starting with a stone campfire and work towards large cities.Crafting - Interact with items in the world to create what you need. Tools, buildings, weapons, clothing, etc.Combat - Fight off hungry rats that come for your food, invaders from a foreign village, roaming monsters or worse.Multiplayer - Host a server or join a friend and play together via the server browser or direct IP.Twitch - Set the game to your Twitch channel so viewers can interact with the game via chat commands. For example, !play will spawn the user in the womb of a villager.Guides - Detailed information about all game related material can be found within the game. Hovering over any item and pressing "G" will open a guide explaining all functions of the item, or "H" to bring up a guide for an item in hand. There is also a general help menu by clicking the "?" at the top left of the game window.Saving - Ability to save and load multiple game states.Achievements - Complete various challenges to earn Steam achievements, such as surviving for 100 days.ProfessionsLeader - The town expert of the town. Responsible assigning professions, handling diplomatic decisions such as war/peace status, leading expeditions, exiling problematic villagers and deciding the general direction of the town progression.Carpenter - The wood expert of the town. Responsible for cutting down trees, constructing buildings and crafting furniture.Blacksmith - The metal expert of the town. Responsible for digging stone/ore quarries, mining, forging metal from ore, creating coal from wood, crafting metal tools and objects.Farmer - The plant expert of the town. Responsible for creating farm plots, planting and watering seeds and harvesting crops.Mason - The stone expert of the town. Responsible for creating stone bricks, laying down new roads and crafting other stone related tools and materials.Hunter - The trap expert of the town. Responsible for creating animal snares, skinning animals and capturing wild livestock.Tailor - The clothing expert of the town. Responsible for creating threads, weavings, clothing and bags.Barkeep - The food expert of the town. Responsible for brewing alcohol, cooking food and crafting consumables such as cigars.Priest - The religious expert of the town. Responsible for crafting charm necklaces, building shrines and gaining town favor from the gods.Shepherd - The animal expert of the town. Responsible for milking goats and cows, sheering sheep and tending to animals in general.SpecificsNPCs - Villages may be populated by non-player characters who will act similarly to players. They will automatically build up their villages, carry out conversations, form relationships and more.Lineage - All characters except for those at the start of a new game will be born into the world by another villager, starting in the womb.Age - After birth, villagers go through the stages of being a baby, a child and finally an adult, and will later suffer old age and die.Death - There are many ways to die. Starvation, dehydration, combat, old age, but death might not be the end. Upon death, you enter the spirit realm as a ghost before being able to be reborn. Farming - By utilizing soil, seeds and water, villagers can regrow most of what grows naturally.Night - Villages are likely to be attacked during the night as it gets harder to see. Keep near fires during this time to avoid ambush.Traits - Various traits such as laziness, bravery, etc will impact villager behavior, relationships, abilities and more.Genetics - Newborn villagers will inherit most of their traits from their maker. Traits such as hair, eye and skin color. But also traits such as bravery, laziness and more.Professions - There will be many specific roles to fill in a village, such as leader, blacksmith, carpenter, stone mason, priest, barkeep, tailor, hunter and farmer. Each playing a vital role in progressing the village and keeping it from destruction.Lead - Players may choose to leave their current village to form their own, perhaps even a rival village.Conversation - If you address an NPC villager by name, they'll stop to talk to you. They'll answer questions such as where is town, take orders such as get food, and much more.Relationships - Whenever a villager interacts with another, they'll remember it and it will impact their overall relationship. This will lead to creating allies, enemies, courtships and more.
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