Candice DeBébé's Scandalous Secrets

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Alrite? It iz me, Candice DeBébé, incredibly trick sorceress & rapper, back again 4 another scandalous adventure! Da world in my sordid sequel mite be a bit flatter than u remember, but I'm still as buxom as ever. & with that flatness comes new abilities - I can jump & everything & it is sensational. And it iz nt just me this time either. Da world (& extended galaxy) iz in such tremendous danger, that I've teamed up wiv me mates, & u can play as all of uz & discover r riveting secretz. And Krystal too, even if she is a bit skanky. So come & explore da world I hav painstakingly painted 4 u, & join me az I have romances in space, & a generally good bullety, jumpy, platformy, levelly-uppy time. & listen 2 my dulcet tonez as I rap and sing & talk thruout! Much luv, Candice xoxoxox * Platforming, shooting RPG action * A scandalously singy soundtrack * Full voice acting * Many sidequests * A little bit of romance * Generally pretty trick throughout
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