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You won't know you need it before actually using it.Quixer is an application designed to do very simple tasks Windows should be able to do. Windows takes the roundabout way. Quixer goes straight to the point.Just want to adjust your game's volume on the fly?Quixer will let you seamlessly adjust any game's or application's volume with the press of a few keys. You can decrease, increase and mute the volume of focused or unfocused windows individually. Long gone are the days where you need to interrupt what you are doing by either going into your game's audio settings or Windows volume mixer.Want to switch from your speakers to your headset?Quixer has a feature that allows you to quickly change between Audio Devices (Playback and Recording) with both hotkeys and clicks.You will no longer have to go the long way around in Windows' sound settings.Want to set several applications' volume to a pre-determined level in one key press?Quixer allows you to do just that. Configure your presets the way you want, press a hotkey and let Quixer do the rest.No more adjusting each application's volume level one by one in the Windows volume mixer.Quixer is highly customizableQuixer can be launched as a stand-alone (without Steam), and so there are a lot of ease of use settings. Such as Starting Quixer with Windows or Steam Integration (Displays as Playing on Steam).Each feature has a clean UI pop-up that you can also customize. Not a fan of screen noise? Just disable them.Standard versions :About MeI'm studying computer science in university and I push updates and do maintenance, not only for Quixer, but also for a few other of my own applications. All of that on my free time (while I should probably be studying).I've actually been developing applications for a few years. I have a few public applications, but most I keep to myself because they are very tailored to my needs. All of the features present in Quixer were scattered in different applications that I was using on a daily basis. I had never released anything with a price tag on it and I was curious about releasing something on Steam just to see the process. So I decided to gather everything in a single application, make it 10 times better, and release it. I'm very happy about the outcome!I take great pride in my creations and put a lot of meticulous effort into everything I make. Every pixel and character matters. Feedback is also very important to me. If there is a bug that needs to be fixed or a feature you would love to see implemented, be sure to mention it.I'm very proactive, passionate, and I seek perfection!
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