RoboBunnies In Space!

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Early Beta AccessWe're getting ready to do our Early Access release later this week! Stay tuned... :)About the GameAre you ready for hours of fast paced space bunny adventure?! I hope so because RoboBunnies In Space brings you all that and some! Control two bunnies that are connected by a force field between them as they travel through deep space protecting a magical crystal to save the universe. Be careful, for the path back to Bunny HQ is full of crazy alien life forms and obstacles looking to destroy you. Play alone or with a friend on your keyboard or with a gamepad. Fight epic bosses using your power ups and avoid getting hit. Can you make it through all 50 levels? Good luck!Games are more fun with friends! Each player controls a different bunny and has to work together to keep your laser safe. You have to really be in-sync to make it through this together! The game works great for one player too :) With 50 unique levels there is hours of gameplay to be enjoyed! Can you make it all the way to the end?From space whales to floating dragon heads, we've got all sorts of crazy alien life forms and planets that will try to stop you ever step of the way.Shooting, chasing, spinning, and minions are just a few aspects of the 10 crazy boss fights you'll encounter as you make your way to the edges of the galaxy.Some levels can get pretty tough. We've thrown in plenty of free power-ups to get you through the game but you can always use the coins you've collected to do things like beef up your laser to blast away enemies before they even reach you!We've spent a lot of time perfecting the controls on keyboard and gamepads to give you options on how you'd like to experience the game on Steam. Control two bunnies at once using two joysticks or arrow keys on your keyboard to stretch, shrink, and rotate a laser through an intense obstacle course full of asteroids, planets, and alien creatures all trying to stop you.We've included an arcade mode that's full of all types of enemies and challenges to help you earn extra coins and compete with other players for a global highscore.-----Good luck space flippyfloppies! We read all of our reviews. Make sure to leave some detailed feedback if you have any issues and we'll be sure to update with a fix right away. Enjoy the game!
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