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Gods: Horus, Salacia, Sobek, Hanna, Zeus, Helga, Muaddib, Isida, Ares, Nikta, Veles, Valkiria, Seth, Fata, Anubis, Valla, Perun, Mara, Svarog, Socius. Chronicles Proelium: Planet Earth, KaliYuga Cycle. Cyborgs became the true masters of the world, dividing humanity into the Enclaves, the international circle of the elite of the planet. The most valuable resource on earth became - a technical upgrade and maintenance of cyber-bodies. Fighting tournaments among cyborgs spread everywhere. Arrival, alien spacecraft arrived at Earth's orbit. They called themselves Koshch, took control of all space techno in orbit. The earth was cut off from its colonies of the solar system, satellite communications were gone. Legate alien Socius sent unknown scientific data to the earth demanding to grow humanoids, giants and colossi for modernizing them into titans fighters.
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