PsiSyn: The Game

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Your favorite YouTuber and Streamer PsiSyn is back again with another adventure called the PsiSyn: The Game, where all your favourite memes and moments from PsiSyn come to life in the form of a video game!PsiSyn: The Game is a first person shooter that uses unique movement and weapons on various maps and gamemodes.Learn the movement to gain advantages over other player's. The movement is very advanced with features such as strafing and bhopping for that true FPS feel.Play gamemodes like Deathmatch and Gun Game. Future gamemodes will include Search and destroy and infected!Play in stunning locations around the world! For example you could play in the radiated exclusion zone of Chernobyl, or in the empty scorching desert of Iraq.Use real weapons or some questionable looking ones.Create the perfect loadout with an insane amount of options!
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