Maze Slaughter Prototype

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Maze Slaughter is a fast paced, rogue lite first person shooter set in an alien gladiatorial TV game show. Like "Running Man" in an "American Gladiator" setting, but the gladiators are Monsters and you can shoot them in the face! We offer a unique mechanic where all enemy corpses are persistent and you, the player, has to utilize these to form corpse mountains to reach objectives, weapons and to finish the stages. Currently only the single player Campaign is implemented. The hero You play Dan Jerouz (Dangerous ;) ), a butcher from New York who got abducted in his yard whilst having a BBQ. Now he is forced to be a contestant in an alien gladiatorial TV show named: "Maze Slaughter". The levels The player has to survive a fixed number of stages/levels with unique objectives per stage, just like in and randomly generated mazes. Some stages are simple, find the keys to open the exit, or seek and kill a fleeing enemy. But we also have that one mechanic that is "Corpse Piling" The corpse piling All corpses are persistent and can form up climbable mountains. We need to utilize these corpse mountains to reach new weapons, to reach objectives, to place weight on switches etc. We invented a system that can handle such high numbers of persistent enemies and as far as we know, are we the only game on this planet that utilizes corpse piles as a gameplay element. Rogue-lite The player has to survive all that with exactly one life. So of course we will die often, just like it’s common for rogue-like. However we offer player progression farm credits, buy permanent stuff become a better hero. So we are more a rogue lite than a rogue like..
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