Pizza Titan Ultra Official Soundtrack

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Pizza Titan Ultra
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The explosive soundtrack with nearly two hours of original music for giant robot pizza delivery, including the much beloved theme song! All tracks will be downloaded as 320kbps mp3s and placed alongside the game files in a "Mike O.K. - Pizza Titan Ultra Soundtrack" folder. Track list: 01 Breakfall Logo in Galactic City 02 Pizza Titan Ultra Theme Song 03 Inside Ultra Pizza 04 Simulated Delivery 05 Breezy Burbs 06 Cash Collected 07 Just Express Yourself 08 The Garage 09 It Ain't CONstruction 10 Scratch the Dog 11 Crash Coast 12 Eco-Friendly Robot Stomps 13 I Don't Want to Cause Any Trouble 14 The Wizard's Tower 15 Metro Midtown 16 A Pizza to Jog His Memory 17 Cheezborg is Back 18 Extra Points for Cheezmechs 19 Rad Resort 20 Cheezorb Disruption 21 Healthy Lifestyle Choices 22 Take it Easy, Tanya 23 Turbo Turnpike 24 Engage! 25 Real Estate Business 26 Cheezcutter Mayhem 27 Happy Heights 28 A Lesson in Teamwork 29 Ingredient from Space 30 Pineapple on Pizza 31 Winding Waterfront 32 Careful Headhunting 33 Anything for a Fingerprint 34 Smash and Apprehend 35 The Cheez Crater 36 We Need to Talk About Slice Club 37 Epic Rescue 38 Get That Computer! 39 Half-Baked Attempt 40 It's Pizza Time 41 Done and Delivered
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