Little Memories

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50 hand drawn pictures and then coloured for you to play as puzzle pieces. A game we played as a kid ourselves at the age of 2 in physical format, now we present to you in digital format with our own drawings. It is a family friendly relaxing game where the game turns these cute little hand drawn animals into a small little puzzle pieces and you put them back together to their original state. The pictures are drawn by our artist who loves cute animals. She drew 50 pictures as part of the collection for the game and is now hidden within the 50 levels waiting to be explored and unlocked. Each picture has as sketch and colour (color) version to it. Game begins with her pictures hidden to unlock and collect her pictures you will need to complete a 3 by 3 puzzle for each picture. You may collect stars along the way through completing higher sets of difficulties with 3x3 giving you one star, 4x4 two stars, 5x5 three stars, and 6x6 the golden star. * Suitable for kids aged 3 and above with assistance from parents or caretaker. * Demo is Available. Demo has 10 pictures you can play. * 3/3/2019 Update: Cleaned up UI and adjusted mouse sensitivity to be correct for the different resolutions.
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