BattleCON Online Digital Soundtrack

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Enjoy the original sound track of BattleCON Online!ContainsAttack & Attack - Cadenza's Theme.wavBroad Destiny - Character Select.wavCasting Stars, Awaiting Dawn - Mikhail's Theme.wavDesperate Measures - Kimbhe's Theme.wavDystopian Gate - Khadath's Theme.wavEgo Empire - Evil Hikaru's Theme.wavEmotions Arcade - Seven's Theme.wavFabricated Legend - Eligor's Theme.wavFamily Ritual - Marmelee's Theme.wavFatal Encounter - Rukyuk's Theme.wavFollow the Moonlit Autumn Path - Kallistar's Theme.wavGlorious Starlight!! - Iri's Theme.wavHeart of Adventure - Pendros's Theme.wavHeartstopper - Kehrolyn's Theme.wavHeroes Band - Cinematic.wavIgnore the Primordial Warning - Luc's Theme.wavIn the Master's Wake - Anath's theme.wavJourney Perilous - Joal's Theme.wavMonument - Cesar's Theme.wavMy Celestial Wish - Karin's Theme.wavOn Separate Sides of History - Burman's Theme.wavTechnical World Override - Riflam's Theme.wavThat Day, The People Looked Forward - Alexian's Theme.wavThese Last 100 Years - Intro.wavThe Underground Project - Hikaru's Theme.wavA Treasure Best Left Forgotten - Shekhtur's Theme.wavVisions in Glass - Magdelina's Theme.wavWithin My Reach - Runika's Theme.wav
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