Fatal Hour: Roadkill

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Fatal Hour: Roadkill is the second chapter of the Fatal Hour Saga, following the events in Fatal Hour: Petroleum.The SituationAfter finally getting the vehicle fixed, out team continues their journey, looking for the source of the automated radio transmission, in the hope of finding other survivors.As the broadcast signals are getting stronger, indicating that they're getting closer to the source, they arrive in the small town of Roadkill. They soon realize that the road is blocked. While being relatively safe in their reinforced vehicle, clearing out the objects blocking the road throughout the town will require boots on the ground and a fair amount of working with explosives. Their arrival has not gone unnoticed though, so there will be more than just inanimate objects that have to be dealt with - "some disassembly required" so to speak.The GameGameplayThe gameplay of Fatal Hour: Roadkill builds on the simple mechanics of Fatal Hour: Petroleum and adds new elements such as a tight and claustrophobic environment, limited visibility and defending "on the move". The challenge is taken up a notch and the need for planning and quick thinking is greatly increased. The mission: Get in, through and out of the stinker-infested town of Roadkill!The Chapter SystemFatal Hour: Roadkill is the second of three stand alone chapter games that tell the story of a group of people, struggling to survive in the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse. Each chapter is a single-level minigame, played as a separate challenge available at different levels of difficulty. The chapter games will be released in quick succession. At least three chapter minigames are planned for release, after which a decision will be made either to continue with additional game chapters or create a larger and more diverse game, with strategic as well as tactical game elements. This decision will be heavily influenced by player opinions.The GroupPrepper JackMost people of the Earth were caught completely unprepared by the sudden events of what came to be known as "The Outbreak". This guy was not. Some people would even say that he was so prepared for the Apocalypse that he was actually happy when it finally happened. Armed with a military grade precision sniper rifle and the eyes of an unrivalled marksman, Prepper Jack could probably hit a fly on a wall from a mile away. However, most flies these days are not on walls and should he miss the occasional flying bug, chances are that his shot will still have the desired effect on the undead thing it was sitting on. Prepper JackTrailer JaneTrailer Jane was working late on the day of The Outbreak. When the hordes reached the diner, the young waitress was the only survivor, thanks to the Colt 1911 - a present from her father on her 9:th birthday - that she never left out of reach even before the end of the world. What really ticked her off was when one of the undead managed to mess up her hair on the same day as she had been to the salon. The killing spree that followed is said to have made even the undead sick to their stomach and chances are that some of the corpses she left behind in the diner wasn't really dead to begin with. But don't even hint about that to Jane if you know what's good for you. Anyway, since the trailer park that had been Jane's home since birth was completely overrun by the hordes, Jane has made it her mission in life to kill again what is already dead. Trailer JaneDeputy KlausWhen the hordes descended on Dirtmine, Arizona, Deputy Klaus was busy, escorting an undesired bum out of town and "mildly persuading" him never to return. As Klaus came back to the sheriff's office, no one appeared to be left alive. A few minutes later, Klaus had made sure that no one was left moving as well. Some people say that there actually was a survivor, a local man that spent every other night in lockup due to a habit involving drinking, fighting and... well mainly drinking and fighting. Since Klaus was a firm believer in the value of teaching lessons, it is not unlikely that if so, Klaus may have just left him in his cell awaiting the sheriff's order to release the prisoner, as regulations stated. At least if there was nothing in the regulations about making exceptions in case the sheriff was no longer able to issue such an order due to being busy prowling the streets with an urge to devour human flesh. Deputy KlausSamu JinA tech student who really didn't bother to hang out with anyone else, Jin spent most of his time prior to The Outbreak studying or practicing with the ancient sword replica he purchased on eBuy. Most people around him thought him fairly strange, and the word "creepy" was more often than not used by people describing him to others. As The Outbreak came, Jin was convinced that it was caused by something in the air, perhaps something to do with chemtrails. Although there's been no proof of such a connection since, Jin retains his conviction about the state of the matter and prefers to keep his gas mask on at all times. Well, he actually takes it off from time to time for eating and drinking, but generally tries to hold his breath as best as possible during those rare occasions. So far, he's turned down all opportunities to switch out his sword for a ranged weapon and seems to prefer going all out berserk when confronted with the undead. Samu JinShotgun JoeNo one really knows muck about what Shotgun Joe did before The Outbreak, but he seems to regard the undead as mostly a nuisance that has to be put down with much the same focus as a buzzing mosquito has to be waved away. A sawed off shotgun is his weapon of choice, some say because he cannot be bothered to have to aim to hit his target. Having to raise his weapon to aim would probably piss him off quite badly. In fact, Joe is pissed off by a lot of things but mostly by people, especially the kind that bother him with talking. The jury's out on whether Joe actually likes living, talking people or undead the least. But at least he can kill the undead kind without anyone complaining, which seems to suit him just fine. Shotgun JoeMechanic MikeGrowing up Mechanic Mike was not the brightest kid in town. In fact, he was probably just about the opposite. By the age of 12, he had just learned the basics of reading and to be honest he didn't really get any further than that. He never spoke much and he easily got confused when people talked fast or used difficult words. You might expect a kid like that to get bullied badly by the other kids, and it might have happened to Mike as well, had it not been for one reason: He was simply huge. A head above other kids his age and about twice as wide. Most of all he reminded you of a bull, both physically and intellectually. No kid would run the risk of provoking him, even though he really never got into a fight or hit someone. Living alone with his widowed mother, he preferred to spend his time in the garage, playing with his late father's tools and old car. Mike failed miserably at school and didn't appear to be able to learn anything at all above the level of a 6-year-old. Except for one thing. He had an amazing understanding of engines and mechanics, far beyond what anyone could expect of a professional mechanic or engineer. As his mother was one of the first victims on The Outbreak, Mike ran from town. An almost unbelievably peaceful person, he couldn't bring himself to use force even against the undead hordes, not even to save his own life. Lucky for him, he came across a group of individuals with more than plenty of potential for violence, but in desperate need of a mechanic. Mechanic Mike
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