Furry Shakespeare: To Date Or Not To Date Cat Girls?

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Fraulein Lolita~First Date With You~
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Welcome back to the proving ground for princes and princesses, heirs and heiresses; where people from all over the globe come for higher learning, and the cheerleaders are literal witches. Only, things are a bit different, and it's not just that you are all now seniors.Besides all the academic fun, there seems to be something.... brewing. Double double, toil and trouble? Can you pull off the perfect date as well as save the world? Well, I mean, can you? It's a simple question.F-bombs are dropped. Sexual innuendo abounds (but not, like, a lot). All this and more as you try to survive the craziest senior year ever!Does include drug references, sexual humor, and swearing. Romance seven classic Shakespeare characters Determine the fate of your classmates.... and much more Try to survive a senior year full of insane classes
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