The Gardens Between Soundtrack

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Inspired by his work on the highly anticipated indie game The Gardens Between, Tim Shiel presents an album of rich ambient music that resonates with the game's core themes of time, memory and childhood.Glowing Pains seamlessly weaves together elements from the game's otherworldly score with improvised contributions from many of Tim's closest musical friends from around the world, to create an album that is as gorgeous and as moving as the game that inspired it.The Gardens Between was developed by Melbourne game studio The Voxel Agents and will be released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam on September 20, 2018.Track Listing01 - Spirit Home02 - Where Will We Go (feat. Biddy Connor)03 - Between Friends04 - Calm Before05 - The Storm (feat. Liam McGorry)06 - Are You The Same (feat. researcher)07 - Weight of Air (feat. Leah Kardos & mara)08 - 1994 World09 - Golden Satin10 - Don't Forget This Time (feat. Mid Hike)11 - Spirit Duet12 - Between EndsFile FormatFile Format: mp3Bit Rate: 320kbpsSample Rate: 44.100KHzChannels: StereoGlowing Pains: Music from The Gardens BetweenAlbum release date: October 2018Label: Spirit Level All music made by Tim Shiel with friends, in order of appearance:Luke Howard: piano and drones on 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12 Wally de Backer: ondioline on 2, 4, 5, 7, 11Biddy Connor: voice on 2, reverse viola on 9 Matt Ridgway: a bit of noise on 2, moog bass on 3 Eric J Dubowsky: voice on 1, 2Andrew Phillips: synth on 3 Jacob Diamond: voice on 3KAIAR: voice on 3 Eli Crews: Steiner EVI on 4, 5, 7Liam McGorry: horns on 5 researcher: voice and production on 6 Leah Kardos: piano and synth on 7 mara: sounds and voice on 7 Rohan Long: upright bass and field recording on 9 Mid Hike: production on 10 Becki Whitton: reverse voice on 10 Lonelyspeck: voice and guitar on 12Luke Howard appears by courtesy of Decca Music Group Limited.Mastered by Lachlan Carrick.Artwork by Stacy Gougoulis, inspired by characters and art from The Gardens Between, originally designed by Jonathan Swanson.
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