Existence = !Existence;

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Existence =! Existence; - this action shooter from the first person, where you have to put on a maximum and show all that you are capable of, in order to survive. About the game "Existence =! Existence;" - Scene mode: 2066 year. Over the last century, technology has taken a huge step forward. World production is 90% robotic, the planet was swept by a wave of unemployment, poverty and crises, humanity is coming closer to lifting the limit on the duration of human life, but the situation on the planet has caused stratification among the population. The rich think themselves to be gods and in every way belittle the poor part of the population. You are a member of a free hacker group defending the rights of the lower strata of the population.- Endless Mode: how long can you beat off the endless onslaught of enemies?- Unforgettable style: visual style Existence =! Existence; will immerse you in the retro atmosphere of a smoke wave of neon-noir.- Musical accompaniment: sound part Existence =! Existence; these are the best young talents of retro neon direction such as Alef and Wice
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