Colo Grid Zation

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"Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception"Carl SaganCOLOGRIDZATION A 2D singleplayer game, about planning, managing income/outcome, upgrade and expand your grid-body creature over the worlds of your ancestral solar system. Is a game developed in UNITY by one single person, as a hobby which pay more attention to game structures and gameplay innovation than graphical and artist issues. Simple, Different...In Colo Grid Zation will have to plan the best way to expand your grid-body creature to get the most efficient resources and survive!Long time ago...When the supernova exploded, our solar system became the worst place in the galaxy to stay. Our race was close to extinction.There was only one hope.Leave our world to deep space, and wait thousands of years before come back....After long time under hibernation, our system is habitable again.Its time to come back.Its time to colonize again our wolrds, to find our forgotten treasures.Its time to go home.
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