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When it seems that Momo has already disappeared ... When everyone forgot about her ... SHE RETURNS!You have to make a deal with Momo to do the work for the boss. What will Momo ask in return?In this game, you have to carry out the boss's orders until your computer get a terrible virus. The only way to deal with the situation is to write momo and fulfill all of her demands, some of them can be really scary.KEY FEATURES: ◆ Interactive story with a lot of choices tasks to complete ◆ Second chapter of scary horror - MOMO will come for YOU again ◆ Fully intractable phone and computer like in real life ◆ Flashlight... in the phone ◆ More than 25 achievementsDIFFERENCE BETWEEN MOMO.EXE AND MOMO.EXE 2:GameplayMOMO.EXE: 15 mins MOMO.EXE 2: 2 hours SpeedrunMOMO.EXE: 4 mins MOMO.EXE 2: 30 mins PuzzelsMOMO.EXE: EasyMOMO.EXE 2: Normal Horrors MOMO.EXE: AAAAA! 10/10 MOMO.EXE 2: (after complete the boss task) AAAAAAAAAA!!!!! 1000000/10
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