Girl with a big SWORD

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A girl with a big SWORD is a hardcore JRPG, in which you have to play ... for a girl with a big SWORD!There is a brutal war between the upper and lower worlds. Powerful demons came together with an army of people. On the battlefield, blood is spilled daily, coloring the rivers in red. Demonic contamination affects the soil. But meanwhile, on the outskirts, in the villages, thieves, dwarfs and assassins took advantage of the situation and began to commit outrage. Izumi is the most skilled swordsmith in the kingdom of Irischold. After a fierce battle with the archdemon, she wounded and exhausted comes to the nearest village for supplies. In the village, all residents are under the oppression of thieves dwarfs and ask Izumi for help.Features:- Ability to choose the gender of the character (if you do not want to play for a girl with a big SWORD)- NPCs that give interesting and dangerous jobs- Ability to travel by boat, ship and windship.
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