The Mummy Pharaoh

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ADD TO YOUR WISHLIST - EBOLA 2 survival the GameAlan goes in search of treasure, to the world of the desert and the pyramids, namely to Egypt. Entering the pyramid, Alan woke her tenants, mummies.Now you have a chance not only to find the mysterious treasures of the pharaoh, and to get rich, but also to free the suffering souls of people who have been locked in the guise of mummies for many centuries. May power come with you!Killing mummies, you can free the souls trapped in their bodies. You need to be very careful not to awaken someone else is more terrible than mummies! The inhabitants of ancient Egypt were geniuses in the creation of traps, for those who want to disturb the crypt of Pharaoh, and rob him!Features:- Good graphics- Pumping situation, and atmospheric environment- Emancipation of the soul- Various special effects- Mummies- Pleasant soundtrack- Hidden treasures- Realistic- Various traps- Various mechanisms- Weapons- PyramidsAnd much more awaits you in this journey to the world of sands and pyramids!
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