Jam Studio VR - Education & Health Care Edition

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JAM STUDIO VR ANNOUNCES NEW EDUCATION & HEALTH CARE EDITION DLC CONTENTOVER ONE DOZEN NEW SONG BUNDLES NOW AVAILABLE FOR JAM STUDIO VR EDUCATION & HEALTH CARE EDITION DISNEY, CRAIG CHAQUICO, DAVID ELLEFSON, EUGE GROOVE, & BEAMZ ORIGINAL SONG BUNDLES NOW AVAILABLE WITH IN APP PURCHASE November 26, 2018 – Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Edition, the interactive music app that allows anyone to unleash their inner musician and play music or DJ while simultaneously receiving a variety of learning & therapy benefits, has now released 13 new song bundles with about 100 songs for download on Steam. In addition to the already-included 40 plus multi-genre fun, learning, and therapy interactive songs and guides, numerous additional song bundles are now available for download and purchase as follows: Disney Stars bundle (featuring superstar artists Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers), Disney Camp Rock Bundle, Disney Phineas and Ferb Bundle, Grammy-nominated Guitarist Craig Chaquico’s “Fingerprints in the Sky” Bundle, legendary Megadeth Bassist David Ellefson’s “Metal Factory” Bundle, Acclaimed Jazz Saxophonist Euge Groove’s “Grove on This” Bundle, as well as original Classical, Rock, Country, EDM/Dance, Latin, and Other Bundles. “This rich new content provides individuals and families with a wide variety of music and choices that can allow them to be fully immersed in Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Edition for extended periods of time and experience music like never before!” said Charlie Mollo, Beamz Interactive’s CEO. ”Combined with the included extensive variety of fun learning and therapeutic content for individuals of all ages, we believe the App is excellent for young children as well as individuals with a broad range of special needs, disabilities or that are undergoing rehab ". “At Bethany Ranch Home we work with a large population of people with Down Syndrome, and they love Jam Studio VR, they absolutely love it! There’s some that I didn’t think would really be involved, and those are the ones that love it the most. The first thing you see when they start playing is a big smile, and it’s amazing to see some of my non-verbal people open up and shine. It’s honestly like magic, and the smile - they can just go on and on and on and on. It is absolutely amazing! One additional great benefit I see is that it surprised many of them that they can do it. A lot of times they’ve been told what they can’t do, but this interactive music experience makes them feel like they can do anything. For the short time that they’re doing it, they feel like they have no limitations to what they can do. The experience is a 10 out of 10, but honestly, it’s priceless. It really is. I’ve seen my group open up and smile and shine - there’s no number you can give it, it’s just priceless.” said GLORIA Quinn, Assistant Program Manager, Bethany Ranch Home.About the GameThe Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Enterprise Edition (the “App”) provides a broad range of interactive educational, physical, and therapeutic songs, games, exercises, experiences, and benefits for use with family, friends, schools, teachers, special needs organizations and programs, therapy and rehab facilities, therapist, and other professionals. This includes: (a) detailed Lesson Plans, an Overview Therapy Guide, and a Professional Therapy Protocols Guide Overview; (b) dozens of fun, family-oriented interactive songs and learning games across all music genres that anyone - regardless of age, experience or ability – can play; (c) a Music Instrument, Music Appreciation, and Music Fundamentals Education Series for all ages; (d) an extensive math series including times tables, addition and subtraction within 20 and within 100, Place Values, Multiples of Tens, and basic Shapes; (e) an interactive life skill learning series; (f) a variety of interactive basic math, alphabet, and other early learning songs; (g) an interactive story book series; and (h) a variety of fun Disney songs. In aggregate there are over 100 interactive songs, games, and lessons that facilitates inclusive play, learning, and therapy to benefit children of all ages, anyone requiring physical & cognitive therapy, and individuals with a variety of special needs and/or disabilities such as Down syndrome, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injuries, Intellectual Impairment, Physical Impairment and much more. FUN INTERACTIVE SONGS The App includes dozens of fun interactive songs and features superstar artists Miley Cyrus and Flo Rida, Grammy-nominated guitarist Craig Chaquico, acclaimed jazz saxophonist Euge Groove, and legendary Megadeth bassist David Ellefson along with a broad variety of Disney and original Beamz Classical, Country, Jazz, EDM, DJ, Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Pop, and other genre songs. The Disney series includes the following interactive songs: Jonas Brothers “Chillin in the Summertime” and “LA Baby”, Breaken Benjamin’s “Give Me a Sign”, Miley Cyrus’s “Ice Cream Freeze” and “Hoedown Throwdown”, Randy Crenshaw’s “Perry the Platypus”, Camp Rock 2’s “It’s On” and “This is Our Song”, and Bowling for Soup’s “Today is Going to Be a Great Day”. LESSON PLANS & THERAPY GUIDES Lesson Plans: These plans include interactive life skill and educational content that is tailored for children as well as individuals with a variety of special needs and disabilities. Overview Therapy Guide: This guide demonstrates how the App can provide a wide variety of physical, cognitive, sensory, communicative, and social/emotional activities and benefits while the user is simply having fun. Each skill development can be emphasized and tailored for the individual user depending on their age and abilities, including individuals with a wide range of special needs, disabilities, cognitive capability, rehabilitation requirements, and the like. Professional Therapy Protocol Guide Overview: An overview of a professional therapy protocol guide which can be purchased separately is provided. The actual guide is comprised of six protocols that are designed to assist professionals and family members in using Jam Studio VR music-making activities to address a wide range of therapeutic goals. Written with the intent of offering specific ideas for session structure, the protocols contain guidelines that will streamline planning for therapists and enable professionals and family members to consider a variety of options for treatment. Each protocol may be modified to enhance its relevance for individual participants, their area(s) of treatment focus, and their functional skill level. These protocols were developed by Rhonda Nelson, Ph.D., CTRS, MT-BC, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Occupational and Recreational Therapies at the University of Utah. INTERACTIVE MUSIC EDUCATION SERIES Musical Instrument Discovery Series: This includes 9 musical instrument tutorials and games that teach different types of guitars, keyboard, percussion, string, and wind instruments, as well as instruments of the world. A quiz is also included to test the comprehension of these lessons. Music Appreciation Series: This includes 6 music appreciation songs for a broad range of music genres including rock, jazz, classical, country, Hip Hop, and DJ. Music Fundamentals Series: This includes 7 music fundamentals lessons on the principles of music, including Music Notes, Major Scales, Minor Scales, Chords, Melodies, a combo, and a game quiz. INTERACTIVE MATH SERIES Times Table Series: This includes 8 interactive times tables learning lessons, games, and quizzes. In aggregate there are over 100 problems progressing from easy to very difficult. Addition & Subtraction Series: This includes 5 interactive addition & subtraction lessons, games and quizzes within 20 and within 100. In aggregate there are 115 problems progressing from easy to very difficult. Place Values, Multiples of Ten, & Basic Shapes: These lessons and problems demonstrate the meaning and use of Place Values with numbers, Multiples of Ten, and different Shapes. In aggregate there are dozens of problems progressing from easy to very difficult. INTERACTIVE LIFE SKILL & EARLY LEARNING CONTENT Life Skills Series: A safety signs tutorial and game. The Learning Station Series: This includes a Learning Station Medley and quiz with an interactive ABC’s, opposite, and counting video song, as well as ABC Phonics, Counting to 10, Opposites, and Days of the Week interactive video songs Gigglebellies Learning Series: This includes a Gigglebellies video song medley with Old MacDonald, Working on the Railroad, and Wheels on the Bus, as well as ABC Superstar, Great Big Ocean, If You’re Happy, Real Cool Space Team, Twinkle Twinkle, and Wheels on the Bus interactive video songs. Interactive Story Book Series: This includes the Big Bad Jazz Wolf, Hey Diddle Diddle, Hickory Dickory Dock, Little Boy Blue, Goldilocks and the 3 Musical Bears, Little Bo Peep, and Old King Cole interactive video songs.
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