Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe

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Welcome to Tiny Bird Garden—a game about meeting and befriending a cast of strange, silly, magical little birds. Set up and customize your garden space; the Tiny Birds will come and go as they please, as long as you’ve left out toys and seed for them to enjoy—even when you aren’t there.Enjoy Feathered Features like:Over 100 Tiny Birds to meet, each with unique dialog, favorites, and heart levels to reach, as you earn their friendship.Customize your garden space with different backgrounds and interchangeable borders—mix and match them!Hundreds of items/bird toys for your birdie visitors to enjoy!Put hats on birds!Seriously, there are hundreds of hats. Raise baby birds—as they eat, they change colors! Watch them grow up and join the rest of the cast.Import photos/images and add your favorite birds!A cast of human characters with their own heart levels and friendship events!In game rewards/achievements for hitting milestones in your garden’s progress!Bird jokes and puns—eggcellently crafted, only slightly hawkward.There’s a bird that looks like a banana.But wait, there’s more! Need to earn more feathers? Just want more Tiny Birds in your day? Enjoy five different mini games—including an endless, matching puzzle game—to earn more in game currency faster.Story mode—a twelve chapter, visual novel style story! Even MORE Tiny Birds are on the way in a free update, coming in 2019!Made with love by indie development team Super Retro Duck—husband and wife duo, Zap Layden and Daisy Ein. Thank you for supporting indie game development! The two of us hope you enjoy the game!
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