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In a world where cultists desperately need to be shot...What, Were You Expecting A story?Oh, Alright.You are *checks notes* Gary, an unassuming nobody with no backstory, personality or, for the moment, voice, who got kidnapped by an evil cult aiming to summon their god into this reality. You are the final sacrifice. And you're having none of it. You break out of your cell, and kill literally everybody so the cult cannot summon the great evil they worship.A Window Into The 90s3D enemies? 3D weapons? No. The enemies, the weapons, most of the props are all 2D sprites. What 3D models there are are crude and low-poly. Texture resolutions are abominable. I even wrote a special shader that lowers the apparent colour depth.Commitment to the 90s aesthetic is near absolute: The sole exception is that the weapon viewsprites are normal mapped, which is anachronistic but looks so good.Boom, Pew, BangShoot all the bad guys! Or hit them! Or kerplode them!Defeat your foes with these bog-standard FPS weapons:Carpenter's HammerPistolSubmachine GunShotgunHand GrenadeFire StaffStakerRocket Launcher(Note: List subject to change as I see fit.)Reinventing the WheelUnity? UE? Build?No.That would be easy.Hecatomb is coded entirely in GameMaker. I had to do everything 3D myself. Among the things I had to figure out are:Drawing walls and ceilings without tanking performanceHow sprite-based enemies moveShaders to restrict the colour paletteA normal mapping shader for the weapon viewspritesHow to calculate the position of bullet holes in a wall (it uses the tangent!)How to bake lighting into the mapHow mouselook works (Note: vertical mouse look is implemented, but disabled.)And many more that cropped up over the months but I can't think of right now.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core-i7 2600K
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Windows 10 x64 Build 1909