Winter's Trumpet

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Winter's Trumpet is a short Urban Fantasy point'n'click interactive love story set against the backdrop of an epidemic.It was winter when the flu from Tarsia swept across Aeser... now you are quarantined with your roommate, Rosemary, who is bored out of her mind—and is more than a little suspicious of your mysterious suitor, Marcus. After all, the man clearly has secrets.The Urban part of our Urban Fantasy game is a unique 1920s style fantasy world.You will see the story through three sets of eyes: you play as Tetrine Reish, a mortal 'scrivener', or seer, able to see magic others can't, Kalevel Venhera, a vengeful demoness, and Markaius, an ancient and elusive demon.Discover more of the World of Aeser, as seen in our previous game, Tell a Demon (also on Steam) and Asher (available for free on our website). This story chronologically takes place before the events of both Asher and Tell a Demon.
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Minimum system requirements
SSE2 instruction set support.
Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
512 MB RAM
Windows 7 SP1+