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Basketing is a physics-based game where the objective is to control a sphere throughout the court and make the ball go inside of your opponent basket.While jumping, you can use a small dash in either direction, or up. But remember it takes 5 seconds to load again.In the arcade mode, there are items you can collect to temporarily change the behavior of the players, bringing funny situations to the game.Play with your friendsYou can play 1 x 1, 1 x 2 or 2 x 2. There's also a coop mode where you can test your skills against CPU with a friend.Press the square brackets ( "[" and "]" ) to navigate between the sound tracks.How to customize Court and Players?Basketing allows you to customize the Court and the Players skins. The instructions for this are following: Open the Steam Client > Right click on Basketing > Properties > Local Files > BROWSE LOCAL FILESLook inside the "conf" directory. There are the template files (player_.png and court_.png) for Players and the Court, as well the instructions of how to save the images... Pick your favorite image editor, create your images and play with your own artwork. Please feel free to share your images at Artwork tab in the Basketing CommunityThanks for your support!
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Minimum system requirements
256MB - OpenGL 2.1+ (with ARB extensions acceptable)
2048 MB RAM
Windows 7