Dungeon Defenders II - Champion Pack

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Become a true Champion of Etheria and supporter of Dungeon Defenders II with this pack. Gain the largest offered discount on gems and use them for additional heroes, costumes, inventory space, and more!This pack may only be purchased once per account. To redeem the items contained in the pack, visit and interact with the Mailbox in the Heroes Marketplace or Private Tavern.This pack contains:13,000 Gems[/b] to purchase Heroes, Flair, Costumes and more. (3,000 Extra Gems!)10 Mythical Defender Packs[/b] to gain any number of cosmetic rewards to look your best!3 of Each Campaign through Chaos VI Shard Packs[/b] to equip unique bonuses to your heroes and defenses.“The Royal” Title[/b] to show Etheria your prowess.Legendary Katkarot Pet[/b] to achieve ultimate levels of power!
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