Pandorex Demo

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In this demo you can get a look and feel of the upcoming game. You will get the possibility to play a part of the introduction to get a feeling for the controls and the game style. In the demo you will be introduced to some main characters. However, how exactly they are connected to each other and what exactly they have to do with the story will be not fully revealed. Therefore, it is possible that the demo will appear confusing. Be aware, that you can choose diffrent decisions in the demo. Based on your decision the demo can be over very fast without experiencing all parts of the demo. In that case, play the demo again, but this time with different decisions. About the story: And then there is Harry. Harry is a simple, not very social guy. His best friend is his dog. Unfortunately he lost his dog. And since his dog is the only thing that is important to Harry, he starts looking for it, willing to do everything as long as he gets his dog back. And that´s where the story begins. Harry is only a very small piece of the puzzle, but in the end he could be the most important one. The one piece that holds the universe together or is responsible for the demise of the universe and therefore the demise of all life not only on earth, but on all the planets. About the game: You are responsible to aid Harry in his adventures, help him to choose the right decision and solve puzzles and riddles that come across Harrys long journey of finding his dog and hopefully not destroying the universe. Pandorex is a humorous and funny narrative-driven point and click adventure with a small tick of social criticism and a lot of pop culture and subgenre references. This game does not take itself very seriously, so you should not do it either! Features: - Narrative-driven point and click adventure - Riddles and puzzles need to be solved to make progress - Decision making: you have to decide what the character will do or say. Based on your decisions the story path may change.
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Minimum system requirements
Any Intel or AMD processor
650 MB RAM
> Windows 8