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Game descriptionTurnTack is a game in the Puzzle-Platformer genre.You become the white-haired of prophecy and run away from the Aztec civilization.Aztec is trying to sacrifice you to PerishAs you play the game, avoid the obstacles that blocked on your way and uncover the story of prophecy.Game Play Aztech Myth Aztec had the following legend of the creation of the heavens and the earth.The human world continues for 4,000 years and then perishes. First. TezcatlipocaIn the beginning, people were living. People ate corn and grew taller into giants.However, no matter how tall he was, he couldn't survive the Flood, where the water filled his head. The world, which lasted for 4008 years, ended as the water swallowed up the sun in the sky. Second. QuetzalcoatlWhen 4010 years later, this time a strong wind blew away both people and the sun.The wind was so strong that people hung up on the trees with their hands and feet. Third. TlalocAfter 4081, this time a huge fire threatened the earth.The world was destroyed again. Fourth. ChalchiutliqueThe people of the fourth world were also struck by a rain of blood and fire. Nothing grew on the ground , and people starved to death. Fifth. TonatiuhThe fifth world opened was Teotihuacan in Aztec civilization.However, it was dark everywhere.There is only one way to make the sun again: some of the gods burn their own bodies.Nanahuatzin jumped into the fire and became the sun.Tecuciztecal, who saw it, jumped into the fire and became the moon.But the moon and sun did not move.Another sacrifice was needed.So the gods came in turn to the serpent god Quetzalcoatl and pulled out their hearts.Then the moon and the sun began to move.Aztecs believed that in order to slow down the destruction of the world, the heart of the living must be dedicated to the altar.Aztecs have continually sacrificed the living.But the sun stopped once again.Another sacrifice is needed, not a living person.There is a legend in Aztec. This legend related to light has been handed down to Aztecs through murals.The world has once again entered a cycle of destruction, and Aztec believes that if a white-haired is sacrificed, the sun will move again.And one day, a girl with white-haired appeared.
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