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TwitterAbout the GameTHE NEXT GENERATION OF VR RACINGYou're a racer in the future. Speed ​​is your passion and purpose in life. Super-fast racing ships, futuristic racing tracks, and a thirst for victory make this game an unforgettable experience. Improve your skills, unlock new ships, and compete with the world, and your friends, on the leaderboards. The anti-gravity system and driving models are based on real-world physics: each turn, slope, brake, and burst of acceleration is represented.The most comfortable VR arcade racing gameWe are continuously testing Z-RACE to make sure that it is the most comfortable VR racing game ever. From track design to vehicle control, to visual effects, we go the extra mile to ensure that our game can be played by almost anyone. We especially chose the third-person view to ensure the comfort of our players.EXPERIENCE A NEW GENRE OF RACINGIn this racing game, your ship can do anything. Use it to collect nitro boosts and coins, avoid energy traps and obstacles, and steer past the competition as you strive to become the best racer in all of Z-RACE. With carefully crafted controls, Z-RACE provides the most unique virtual reality racing experience of all time, assuring minimal motion sickness.ASYNCHRONOUS GLOBAL MULTIPLAYERGo head to head against anyone in the world in our asynchronous multiplayer experience. Upgrade your ships speed, agility, and nitro capacity so you can top our global leaderboards. Unlock new speed tiers by completely upgrading your ship to go even faster. Will you be the best Z-Racer?COMING SOON: HEAD-TO-HEADCompete with up to 7 other racers simultaneously! Make sure to collect nitro strategically, because your ship can't be upgraded in this mode to give you any speed advantage. But it can be customized cosmetically to your liking! Invite your friends and find out once and for all who has the best barebones Z-Race strategy.ANTI-GRAV RACERSZ-RACE isn't complete without our unique set of high-speed anti-grav racers. With limitless potential, these racers and their shiny finishes can get you from one end of a track to another in no time. You might see some familiar faces and names on them, too. We want Z-Race to feel like it is part of the VR universe, which means you'll see other parts of the VR world become a part of ours.FULLY IMMERSIVE AUDIOWhat's a VR racing experience without some intense music to keep the heart rate up? We've carefully selected the in-game music to assure that you as a player will feel the pace of the game pumping through your veins. You'll feel the pressure mounting as the music's intensity elevates and won't back down. We've also included a unique coach for each anti-grav racing team, featuring the voices of some of your favorite VR personalities!TRACKSOur Z-RACE hyper tunnels are built from the ground up with two things in mind: make them look good, and make sure that players can go fast in them. Each new design stems from a new inspiration. Whether that's the far reaches of outer space, the heavens above, or frozen arctic tundra. Z-RACE is sure to bring you to all corners of the universe in your exciting and fast-paced journey.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel i5-4590/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
NVIDIA GTX 1060/AMD Radeon RX 480
Windows 10