Bistro Days

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STORYYou are an aspiring food blogger in the city of Wisteria. One day, a giant raccoon guides you to Bellflower Bistro, where you meet three charming characters that will prove to be your life's turning point.What fate awaits you at the bistro? Will you answer to your true calling and become a food blogger that will make your mom proud? Are you able to help your romantic partner achieve their dreams? What choices will you make? Who will you date? Bistro Days is an over-the-top Slice of Life romantic story where every choice matters, with multiple endings that lead you to a different romantic path.The CharactersRose is the manager of the bistro, having worked in similar establishments since she was in high school. Now with years of experience under her belt, she is an expert in all things food industry and has the confidence and leadership skills to boot.Although friendly, she tends to hold everyone to a high standard. She sometimes comes into conflict with those who disagree with her, but she always forgives and moves on. Lily only started working at the bistro a few months ago. She joined at a weird time, when the management and work conditions were beginning to reach an all-time low. Having been in the hospitality business for a long time, she tried her best to resolve the issues in the bistro on her own -- but ultimately, she leaned on Rose for help when things got out of hand.Iris is a new hire, joining shortly after Lily. Rose hired her because of her outgoing personality and how skilled Iris is at everything, especially latte art and drawing daily menu boards. As a general team member at the bistro, she balances the front-of-the-house tasks, as well as the social media page and signboards.Game Features3 main romanceable characters15 fully voiced CGsPlay as a male or female protagonistPartial voice actingChoice driven storyline High-Resolution BackgroundsOver 6 hours of gameplayCreditsDeveloped by Michael Emerson (Drunk Bunny Games)Published by Kikai DigitalSprites and CG artwork by KeppaTeaMain story by renkkaBackground art: @KeiraWorksChibi Artwork: Sasha Chii Additional Development: Sku;TeMusic: Jan Hehr Additional music: AudioBlocks
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Minimum system requirements
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10