Knossos Demo

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DescriptionNamed after the legendary labyrinth of Knossos, where Theseus defeated the Minotaur, Knossos is a game about mazes. You can have the game generate a random maze for you, of a size and difficulty of your choosing, or make your own to challenge your friends. You start at one corner of the maze, and the goal is to find the exit at the opposite corner and escape. You get a 3D first person view of the maze, as if you were inside it. You can make a 2D maze, a 3D maze, or even a higher dimensional maze of 4 dimensions or more.Main Features Genuine 3D mazes, not just 2D mazes displayed with 3D graphics. Randomly generated mazes of a size and difficulty of your choosing. Adjustable difficulty ranging from trivial to very hard. Make a maze of up to 10,000,000 cells (on a typical PC). Highly configurable graphics settings to get the look and feel you want. A maze designer to let you design your own mazes. Mazes can be saved and loaded to share with friends.The demo version has all the features of the full game, but you are limited to three minutes per game.
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