Void Destroyer 2 - Ashes

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PLEASE NOTE - The Ashes DLC is intended for veteran players of Void Destroyer 2. It features 2 alternate starts which involve late game mechanics.In the "Ashes" DLC - your alternate play through of Void Destroyer 2 will give you control over - The Forge. A base of unknown origin and faction capable of manufacturing advanced ships.As it's new "owner" you'll have an immediate foot hold in the sector and as you gain power you will be rewarded with the ability to build bigger and more advanced ships.Each ship is an experiment with powerful and unique weapons, that tend to have a down side, requiring strategy to use them fully. Larger Ashen ships come equipped with energy barriers similar to Outsider technology. However unlike Outsider tech, Ashen energy barriers will deplete and not be functional until recharged (during Overworld mode).--The Ashes DLC expands the Void Destroyer 2 ship line up with additional ships - Archon - a dreadnought with a devastating concussive blast. A buildable dreadnought! Phoenix - a cruiser capable of shooting a penetrating projectile that does damage as it slices it's way through it's target. Albatross - a destroyer which pulls in enemy ships with a high powered tractor beam, then fires a barrage of torpedoes. Nest - a frigate capable of building and launching - Hatchlings. Hatchling - a fighter drone armed with powerful, but short range beam weapons. Launched by the Nest frigate. Thrasher - a beam corvette, armed with very powerful beams. Their power comes at the cost of range and duration before needing recharge. Shrike - a gunship which manufactures and launches guardian mines. Mine that follow the ship, making it a mobile mine field. Kestrel - a fighter whose guns fire smart projectiles. Smart projectiles are capable of turning toward their target, making them far more accurate than standard projectiles.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i5 or better
GeForce GTX 550
Windows 7