theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Wild Goose Chase Gear

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With the appearance of Hirschfelden’s first field fowl, the Canada Goose, it was time for Connie and Doc to order some new items for the store.Strecker SxS 20G:The little sister to the 12-Gauge Shotgun, the 20-Gauge’s lower velocity rounds and lower weight mean less recoil, and better handling: the right tools to deal with fast-moving prey. Quick to fire, easy to operate even from the hip, and great to show-off, the Strecker SxS 20G is the way to go for any discerning hunter of small and upland game.Ammo:20 gauge birdshotThese 20-gauge shells are designed to be the perfect companion for upland game hunters.20 gauge buckshotIdeal for small game and varmint hunting, this 20-gauge shot offers a greater number of pellets than its 12 gauge counterpart. Most effective at close range.20 gauge slugVersatile and powerful, this slug gives the 20-gauge shotgun enough stopping power to take down even medium-sized targets with a single shot.Variations:The Strecker SxS 20G comes in four different color variations: Scarlett, Fiona, Hazel and Raven.Decoys:Get your hands on three extremely realistic Canada Goose Decoys: Feeding, Sentry and Searching. These custom-painted, full-body decoys will fool even the most skeptical of Canada Geese. Once deployed, these decoys increase the chance of geese breaking off from high flying flocks and landing.Incognito Deluxe Layout Blind - Field Camo:The ultimate blind for bird hunting in pastures and fields. Once deployed, it provides excellent visibility concealment for hunters looking to get the jump on fowl.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel i7 quad-core
NVidia GTX 760 / R9 270x - 4GB VRAM
64bit OS - Windows 10