CreepWars TD

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CreepWars TD is a classic tower defense game with fixed tower positions. To defeat waves of creeps you can choose between different units with individual damage types. This offers various combinations and strategies to suceed. CreepWars TD provides hours of challenging gameplay with high replay value. This game is suitable for tower defense veterans and new players at the same time. Features - 13 different defense units with multiple upgrade paths and unique abilities - 3 base damage types (pierce, blunt and magic) - 3 ways to deal damage (direct, splash or damage over time) - 50 different creeps with individual abilities - 3 differnt types of creep armor (light, medium and heavy armor) - Orc vs Humans Campaign with five different maps - 3 fun maps I am continually working on improving this tower defense game. Please feel free to share your ideas on how to polish this game. Your suggestions will help to add new features and content in the future.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel I5 2400S or similar
Geforce GTX 660 or similar
Windows 10