Clouds of Rain

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In Clouds of Rain you will play multiple characters, each with his own story.Explore a hand drawn world with various regions, face harsh battles and sail the skies. Resource management, preparation and tactical fights are at the core of the game.STORYIn the skies of a forgotten world, a decadent civilization is finishing every resource, including the Leviathans, huge creatures that sail the skies since the dawn of time. The Sky Watchersare fighting for their survival, but the hunters are more every day and their trade maintains the precarious balance of the Kingdom. Live the stories of a Queen trying to stop a civil war, a group of soldiers investigating a shady trade in the capital and two orphans looking for their place in the world.GAMEPLAYFightingAdapt your strategy during battle: weaken the strongest enemies, power up your best fighter, play defensive or launch everybody to attack. Invent a winning tacting using spells, techniques and equipments in unique combinations. PreparationStudy your enemies before the fight, develop a plan and prepare for battle.Consider elements and equipments you are going to face while choosing positions, weapons and armors of your team.ResourcesUse gold and consumables with caution and try to come out from every fight in the best possible condition. Sleeping will make edible plants grow back, but enemies will repopulate the territory.EXPLORATIONThe WorldTravel through islands, countrysides, villages, forests, swamps and the city. Every corner hides secrets, special items, equipments and powerful spells. Hunt bounties and collect rewards.NavigationControl your ship through winds, clouds, flying rocks and storms. Explore remote islands to find resources or to repair your ship. Face pirates and the monsters that will board your vessel.StealthExploit your surroundings to avoid unnecessary battles or to catch the enemy off guard.Running will make you more agile but enemies will be more aware of you.DifficultiesTactical: Every battle requires the right preparation, resources are limited and reaching the end requires effort.Story: Ideal if you want to focus on the story but you still want a challenge.Relax: Allows to finish the game without many problems.The TeamWe are a small swiss team of three people and this is our first videogame. Enjoy!
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i5-4670
GeForce GTX 470M
Windows 7/8/10