Donation DLC - The Ice Caves Soundtrack

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. This is the official 'The Ice Caves' Soundtrack. Retro-ish, electronic, surreal-ish, earthy and inspiring tunes to stomp Slimes to. It's the best way to support the game's development while it is released for free. Right now, it's only two original songs and the album cover-- the full Intro theme (about two minutes long), and the full game theme song (about ten minutes long). You can listen to them for free on the Cinnamancer YouTube channel, as well as other songs. If you want to support the game, just really like the soundtrack or show appreciation, consider donating! You will have exclusive access to any and all 'The Ice Caves' BGM that is released in the future, and you will directly support the game's development. Thank you for your support!
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