King Of Gods: Angel The Awakening Of A Demon

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~Be a maid in the Demon World~ The Secret Café of the Demon Angel Hero.
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Bridgett a young girl age 12, is visited by Shonon a strange being she can’t remember ever meeting… Shonon informs the young Bridgett that she is not, who she think she is, and that he is sent to her by their God Lord Uzal, to prepare her for a very important mission. Shonon doesn’t tell Bridgett what the mission is, instead he begins to talk to her about Jewels, priceless gemstone that belongs to Bridgett that she must reclaim… Shonon is in shock when Bridgett lets him know she’s been having visions and dreams about these jewels he speak of, Shonon begins to explain to Bridgett that she has forgotten a lot, taking extreme care not to say too much about her mission, instead he lets Bridgett know that there are 25 Jewels scattered across the earth and she must collect all, Shonon goes even further and lets Bridgett know that every Jewel she regains will not only add to her strength but, it will also revive her memories, and return her to her true self….Bridgett set off on her mission to reclaim her Jewels, she’s forced to deal with everyone underestimating her due to her age and size but, this does not stop the determine 12 year old, who continues to amaze the world as she defies all odds weather she’s facing a powerful opponent or simply helping out a townsfolk, it isn’t long before Bridgett name is known all across the earth, causing her to be sought after by those in need of her help.As Bridgett collects more of her Jewels she begins to transform, this only adds to Bridgett worries as her memories of her past begins to surface, Bridgett gets confused as different personalities begins to emerge in her, she tries to find out who she really is but, something else has been growing slowly inside Bridgett with every jewel she collected, every memory regained, a desire, a deep, true feeling, which takes over her body from time to time, making Bridgett relive a love that refuses to die….It isn’t long before Bridgett is completely driven by her will to remember this stranger, who memories of their time together has taken her mind and body hostage…..Features:Experience Powerful Transformations Learn over 50 Devastating Spells Unleash Extreme Skills To Deal Massive Damage Expose Enemies Weakness To Gain The Advantage In Battle Unique And Original Story
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